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Stretch Coach


Empower our users to improve their lives through positive behavior changes and habit formation that leads to a healthier life.

Indoor Stretch

Transforming Lives with Technology


CompassCoach GPT is a wellness coaching platform mobile application, powered by AI technology, proven coaching principals, behavioral science and a patented goal mastery technology that empowers users to change their habits and behaviors and achieve their goals. 


Improving Your Health          Improving Your Life


Reliable Evidence Based Outcome Optimization Technology

At the heart of CompassCoach is our patented Reliable Evidence Based Outcome Optimization Technology, or REBOOT.  Developed over a period of 10 years at a cost of over $8 million, with clinical and commercial evidence delivering positive outcomes for goals. 


REBOOT is a truly revolutionary approach to optimizing outcomes and goal mastery.  REBOOT is a structured, scalable and sustainable software system used to identify, monitor, and evaluate a User's progress towards mastery of any achievable task, objective or goal


Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-Bound Evidence-Based Strategic Tailored

The goal creation process is an integral part of the CompassCoach model and will be instrumental to its success.  One approach to promoting behavior change lies in providing counseling or advice about healthy lifestyles.  The SMART-EST goal framework facilitates both a rich discussion of lifestyle medicine and a comprehensive patient-centered action plan for health behavior change.



The front-end User interface technology component of CompassCoach is an AI chatbots. AI chatbot’s are also called conversational agents, employ dialog systems to enable natural language conversations with users by means of speech, text, or both. Conceptually, the core technical capacity of AI chatbots is different from that of embodied virtual conversational agents or avatars that emphasize on synthesizing multimodal signals (e.g., images, videos, and sounds) to simulate human face-to-face communication. The CompassCoach utilizes both the conversational agent technology and virtual systems. 

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